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Shark Fitness Marketing offers a complete fitness marketing package exclusively for gym owners! We do it all for you. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, direct mail, website, email and more! More clients guaranteed starting at just $299 per month!

Build Awareness

Custom Professional Website!

One of the first steps our Shark Marketing team will do for your gym is help you optimize your current website or create a custom website from scratch that is specifically designed to drive new members to your gym.



Optimize your local online listings.

Next, we will optimize your website, Google and Yelp listings to improve your fitness studio in the search results with the most popularly searched terms.


Custom photos for your fitness studio.

Using stock images found online just doesn't work well. Search engines and social media companies know when your photos are unique to your business or were found online. Our Shark Marketing team will take professional photos of your business or professionally edit your existing photos to make your gym look amazing and compete with the biggest brands. We've tested thousands of different types of photos and understand exactly which types of photos bring in the most clients.

Engaging Facebook & Instagram ads that bring in new clients!

Our Shark Marketing team will build a professional Facebook & Instagram page that fits your brand and run daily Facebook and Instagram ads to promote your fitness studio. We've spent over $1,000,000 testing fitness ads and use only proven, highly engaging ads that will consistently send new clients walking into your gym everyday.


Flyers delivered right to your potential clients homes!

Direct mail can be complicated and costly to try on your own. Our Shark Marketing Team will be able to minimize costs and deliver results with our tested and proven flyers sent directing to local homes surrounding your gym. No need to waste thousands of dollars testing out flyers. We've got it all covered for you!

Drive additional traffic with email!

The fitness industry has busy weeks and slow weeks for new client sign ups. With 12 years of fitness marketing experience, we've learned the year-round joining trends and will run strategic campaigns are the right moments to bring in new clients when they have a gym membership on their minds!

Create Engagement

Let's talk about growing your fitness business!

Complete fitness marketing package starting at $299 per month!

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